Developer, Innovator, and Intellectual Property Expert

Welcome to, the digital nexus where Tj Vita's extensive expertise in intellectual property law meets his passion for software development and innovation.

Tj's journey in the legal field began in 2000, where he spent over two decades as an intellectual property paralegal, mastering the intricacies of protecting creative works and inventions. This deep-seated knowledge of IP law now underpins his endeavors in software development, ensuring a thoughtful approach to the digital creations he brings to life.

In 2012, Tj embarked on a parallel path of discovery, diving into the world of computer science and software engineering. This pursuit has equipped him with a robust technical skillset, enabling him to tackle projects that range from eco-conscious automation systems to the burgeoning world of NFTs with confidence and creativity.

Whether he's automating the care of ecosystems or exploring the digital artistry of NFTs, Tj's work is marked by a commitment to innovation and a respect for intellectual property. His love for mountain biking and the great outdoors mirrors his professional ethos—seeking balance, embracing challenges, and continuously pushing boundaries.

Join Tj Vita on as he blends legal insight with technological prowess, creating a unique personal brand that's as thoughtful as it is inventive.