In our session tonight, I embarked on a detailed exploration of the process involved in launching an NFT collection on the Ravencoin blockchain.

This reflective account is a personal narrative of the steps I've taken and the considerations I've made as I prepare for the next stages of my project.

Delving into the Financials

I began by calculating the RVN required to create unique assets for each NFT. Establishing a clear financial framework was essential for the project's viability.

Establishing the Digital Infrastructure

I then turned my attention to the digital infrastructure needed to support NFT sales. I chose Shopify as my e-commerce platform and integrated Nowpayments to handle transactions in both USD and RVN, prioritizing security and reliability.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

To ensure a smooth transition for customers from purchase to ownership, I focused on automating the transfer of NFTs to buyers' addresses upon payment confirmation. This step was crucial in providing an efficient and trustworthy service.

Marketing with Purpose

I also gave considerable thought to the marketing strategy, selecting domain names that would resonate with the Ravencoin community and effectively convey the essence of the collection.

Charting the Course Ahead

As the session drew to a close, I compiled a to-do list that not only outlines immediate actions but also fits them into the larger project timeline.